Meet the Sandwiches
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... the best thing since sliced bread

The Sandwich Gang are four fun-loving characters who live in the fridge (your fridge?) and have lots of adventures when no-one is watching.

On this website you can read some of the many stories and listen to what the Sandwiches get up to.

Eggie Cheesie


The Egg and Cress Sandwich. Usually timid, Eggie is sometimes naughty although he doesn't really mean it.


The Cheese and Tomato Sandwich. He is natural leader of Sandwiches and a little old-fashioned and careful.


The Ham Sandwich. She is sensible and always tries to have fun without getting into mischief.


The Chicken Salad Sandwich. He is adventurous and often does things without thinking.

Hear the Sandwiches' family motto.

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