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Personalised story book for children

The Sandwiches featured for some time in a personalised story book for children, based on the story 'The Sandwiches Go Discovering'. Featured in the UK's Woman's Own magazine, the book sold all over Britain, from Kent to the Outer Hebrides, and copies have found their way as far afield as the United States and Canada.

UK sandwich industry makes use of the Sandwich characters

For a period in the 1990's, The Sandwiches appeared in a cartoon in the Sandwich & Snack News, the magazine of the British Sandwich Association. In 1994, Cheesie, the cheese sandwich, was the official mascot for National Cheese Sandwich Week, which celebrated the 70th birthday of the cheese sandwich. As part of the promotion, sandwich bars across the UK were given posters depicting Cheesie and a paragraph about the history of the cheese sandwich.

Dozens of stories written

Brodie has written many stories featuring the Sandwiches in a variety of adventures.

The Sandwiches are keen to become better known

Are you: - a book publisher or a children's TV programme maker?

If so, please get in touch. With the immense popularity of the sandwich as a snack, their creator, Peter Brodie, feels that these delightful characters deserve to reach a wider audience.

The Sandwiches are very keen to get to know as many children as possible!